Travel Gear

This is just a guide on what I use on my travels. I personally carry these items on my trips and find that packing light is key to traveling (trust me your back will thank you later!) I will break down the list into a few sections of what you will need. The biggest thing to consider is weight. It’s better to invest in high quality gear than skimp it and it break while on the road.

This list is just a recommendation and what I use may not work for everyone. Adjust your pack to meet your needs.

General Gear


Osprey Pack Farpoint 40 

The Farpoint 40 comes in at 40L and is front loading with internal compression straps. The front pocket has a built in laptop storage. Osprey makes top quality durable bags that I have been using for years.

Pro tip: use a front loading pack to keep your things organized.



Chaos Ready 20L day pack

The Chaos Ready bag is a great day bag for tropical climates. It has a 20L 100% waterproof main compartment. This is ideal for when your are out trekking in the jungles or on the water but want to bring your DSLR and other gear that you don’t want to get wet.

Pro tip: Bring a padded insert for your DSLR




Shacke Pack cubes are perfect for organizing your clothes. Nothing is worse than fumbling through your clothes in a dark hostel room and having them go everywhere. These will save you the headache and keep your things super organized.

Pro tip: use a sharpie and label each one.

Shacke Pack Slim Cubes

Wanderluxe Microfiber Towel

Wanderluxe microfiber towels are perfect for travelers. Most hostels I have stayed at do not provide towels so bringing your own is necessary. Using a microfiber towel is a lighter option to a traditional cotton towel and they are quick drying.

Pro tip: Typically you will not need anything bigger than a Large size. I’m 5’11” and use a large but next one I purchase will be smaller.



Gear Nomad Toiletry Bag

Gear nomad makes a great compact travel toiletry bag. This is very useful on the road because it keeps all your essentials in one bag and you can hang it while in use.

Pro tip: use shampoo bars to reduce on liquids if you use your bag as a carry on.




LifeStraw is a perfect replacement to your standard water bottle. This will save you ton of money from buying water bottles your whole trip. This bottle will filter the water while you drink it and is great for off the beaten path treks.




Travel Lock

The Lumintrail travel lock is great for backpacking especially in hostels. This one comes with a 4ft steel cable and 4 digit combination lock that will secure your bag when there is no place to store it at. I have run into this situation at several hostels while traveling and not being able to secure your bag is very unnerving.



Ultra Light Headlamp

The Ultralight Cree Headlamp is great for backpackers. It only weighs 2.2 oz and is USB rechargeable. It can also be used as a overhead light with its clip.

Pro tip: Use the red light in the dorms to not bother your neighbors and save your night vision.



Image result for alpine money belt
Alpine Money Belt

The Alpine money belt is a great way to keep your valuables safe while your out sightseeing. Nothing is worse than getting pick pocketed in a foreign country.

Pro Tip: Keep a cheap dummy wallet in your back pocket to distract them from your true hiding spot. 



Image result for 5.11 concealed carry shirt
Conceal Carry Shirt

The 5.11 conceal carry shirt may be made for carrying a concealed gun but it actually works very well as a way to store your money and credit cards while your sightseeing. If you don’t like wearing a money belt or fanny pack then this is a great alternative. Plus most people would never expect you wear such a shirt. The pocket are easily accessible by you but still very secure especially since they were designed to carry a small gun.



Electronic Gear

Macbook Air

When traveling light nothing beats the Macbook Air in reliability, performance and weight. This is perfect for traveling while have the power of a desktop to work on picture processing after that day out taking photos. This also has all the power you will need to run that travel blog your working hard on!



This Silicone Power Hard drive is water resistant and shockproof. It also has 1 TB of storage space which is ideal to back up all of your pictures and files from your trip. I like the hardiness of this hard drive because of how much abuse your things take while traveling.




Nikon D3300

The Nikon D3300 is a great starter camera for those looking to get into travel photography. The auto-focus on this model is really good for those looking for a good point and shoot DSLR. For those looking to get into more technical aspects the manual mode is fairly easy to use. Great starter camera.

Pro tip: buy a good editing program to take your pictures to the next level.


Iphone 6

Have an unlocked smart phone comes in handy across the world. Its generally really cheap to by a SIM card when you land in a new country and pop one in. This has saved me several times using the data packages that they come with because I got super lost..yikes!




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