About Me


Outside Marrakesh, Morocco









Hi! I’m Andy! I am a full time writer and photographer living on the road year round.

I am passionate about traveling the world and inspiring others to do the same. From eating intestines in the markets in Seoul to tubing through Belize’s jungles; I constantly pushing boundaries on” what you’re supposed to do”.  I quickly realized the cubical life was not for me and left the corporate world for a life on the road!

Athens, Greece
I started The Roving Backpacker to document my way through the world to Inspire others to find ways to travel more. Whether it is a weekend getaway to following in my footsteps and leaving the corporate life to full time travel. I want to show you how you too can Explore the world and Learn how to do that through my knowledge and experiences.

Vik, Iceland
I have had many colleagues tell me they don’t have enough time to travel, not enough PTO, not enough money and etc. I will show YOU that it is possible to travel the world while keeping that day job or even better traveling full time!

I spent seven years in the military and then got my degree in international studies. During this time I was able to travel all around the world experiencing different cultures and barriers along the way. My mission is to leverage this knowledge to inspire YOU to get out there and experience the world too!

If you want to work with me or meet up while traveling shoot me an email on my contact page!