Diving Seasons Around the World

As a freelance diver one of the most common questions you may ask yourself is Where to go next?! Divers go where the work is but sometimes figuring out where that may be can be tricky. Here is rough guide on where to dive year round.


Europe has a warm summer and cool winters. The main diving season is April – September. Winter time most shops shut down and it can be hard to find boats to go out on.

Lake diving is popular throughout the year all across the contentent but you will need a dry suit.


The main diving season here is between November-May. However you can dive year round but June to October is hurricane season!

Central America

Caribbean side

the main season here is March to August. Just watch out for the hurricanes and tropical storms!

Pacific side

the main season here is between December and April.


Red Sea

The diving season here is year round within a uptick from May to October from Europe due to its warm temps!

South Africa & Mozambique

the season here is year round the further south you go the colder the water gets!

North America


here the high season is October to May due to the snow birds from up north. However Summer Season is quite busy as well.

Great Lakes & Seattle Area

you mainly dive between April and September.

Middle East

Oman, Qatar and UAE

with mild and constant temps you can find a year round diving season.



There are two main place to dive. The Gulf of Thailand who’s season runs from May to September. The other side lies the Andaman Sea who’s season runs from October to April.


The dive season is best from November to May. June to October is the rainy season and also noted for typhoons.


There are two main areas that divers flock to in Malaysia. The eastern side of the mainland which its season runs from February to November. The main attraction in Malaysia for Diving is Borneo and its season runs year round.


Nha Trang is one of the most popular spots to dive here. You can dive year round.


Best time to dive Bali and surrounding area due to monsoon season, is April to November.




It is possible to dive year round especially in Queensland.


In the south, bad weather can prevent diving between May and October.

Hot season is from November to April so the best diving is generally then.

New Zealand

here you can dive year round and it’s seasons are similar to Australia.

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