7 things to do in Penang

Located in the North West corner of Malaysia lies the island of Penang. This diverse island is known for its culture and food science that never lets you down! In 2008 the city of Georgetown was declared a UNESCO World heritage Site and has become a popular destination in Malaysia.

Due to its popularity it has become very easy to get to by way of train, bus and airplane. Should you find yourself with and extra few days on your way north it worth a stop!

 1. Penang Hill


As the highest point of the island it offers sweeping views of the island. Take the funicular railway up to the top. RM30 for rountrip. 

2. Walk Georgetown 

The city is named after King George III and has become a melting pot of cultures that include its European colonizers, Malaysian, Chinese and Indian. The food and architecture put is heritage on full display. FREE.

3. Go to Fort Cornwallis


Initially built-in the late 1700s this British fort makes a great start to the day of sight-seeing. It is one of the oldest structures on the base and was used by the British East India Company to prevent a French attack that never came. Costs RM20

4. Take in the Street Art

The street art scene here is amazing. The government commissioned 52 wrought iron sculptures to be installed around Georgetown to detail the history of the city. You can explore it will strolling around town and pick up a free map of the works at the tourist centers. FREE.

5. Eat your way through the local food

The local street food is delicious and super cheap! You can get rabbit and beef burgers on the corner of Love street for RM5.50. There are plenty of cheap food stall around the area!

6. Visit the Upside Down Museum 

This interactive museum is very fun to see! The staff here is at every installation to take pictures for you so you get that perfect Instagram post! Costs RM26 for adults and RM16 for students

7. Ride the free bus around town

Take the free hop on hop off bus around Georgetown to see the different areas. FREE.

Where to stay

Georgetown is where you want to be on this island. The old town offers plenty of action within walking distance and is full of  hostels.
Tipsy Tiger Party Hostel

Located in the heart of Georgetown next to the lively nightlife is Tipsy Tiger. Home to the RM40 all you can drink special the party never stops here! The drinks are very strong and two are included in your stay here! So get ready to have fun at this place!

General Thoughts on Georgetown

I stayed here for 4 days and had a great time but after the third day I was ready to head over to the next destination. While the food and culture is amazing there isn’t a whole lot to do here. That being said you should still stop in and explore this amazing city!

I hope this gives you some idea on what to do here and have become inspired to spend a few days in Georgetown!

As always please like and share! Have you been here and found anything cool to do that was not listed above?

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