Gili Trawangan: How 3 days turned into 10 days 

Before I left Cambodia for Bali my friend Sofie had told me about the Gili Islands. She said that it was a must see place that is paradise. So I decided to go after my trip to Komodo National Park

Once I landed back in Bali I decided to spend a a couple of days in Ubud then head to Gili Trawangan for a 3 days. However, once I arrived in Gili T I soon fell in love. There were so many reasons why I loved the island but here a just a few and why you should go and visit it!


spending every morning walking out to the beach to swim with the fishes in amazing blue water was the perfect dream come true!

No Cars Allowed

There is only three modes of transportation on the island:  by carriage, bike or walking. 

The sunsets

The sunsets are simply breath taking! Every night people from around the island make their way to the sunset side of the island to drink beer, take pictures and relax. You can find locals riding horses on the beach and surfers catching the evening waves!

The Surfing

The break here was awesome! Long, small to medium waves that were perfect for easy surfing. Plus the view was amazing from out on the water. On one side is Lombok with its amazing mountains and the other is the white sand beach of Gili T!

The nightlife

Every night is a party night on the island. People head out around 9 and party till 4 in the morning. At midnight every night all the bars except for one shut down so everyone on the island goes to one bar and it rotates to a different bar every night. This makes for epic parties every night of the week!

Sea turtles 

Waking up to a morning swim with these guys everyday never gets old. Each time I went into the water I experienced a new interaction with them. It never got old and it provided me with a great reason to get out of bed every morning!

I have fond memories of this amazing island. Some may say it’s to touristy but I believe this island is what you make of it. If you want a laid back quite experience you can find that or if you want to party and relax on the beach you can do that too. This is what makes Gili T such an amazing place that you will want to stay forever!

Be sure to like and share!! Have you stayed on Gili Trawangan? How did you like it?

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