7 Things I’ve Learned Backpacking After 30

1. Packing light 

You generally have traveled a bit more and know what you need and don’t need. So you don’t have the floors in front of you bed like these guys! Plus…Walking around with a heavy pack isn’t as easy as it was in my twenties.

2. Waking up early has its perks

You find beautiful place all to yourself! This gives you amazing opportunity to take some great travel photos!

3. You enjoy a few luxuries 

You don’t mind spending that extra few dollars sometimes for some special!! Dorms are an awesome way to travel but every now and then you like to treat yourself!

4. Random aches and pains are a part of life

I’ve found that I can keep up with everyone but I usually am taking a few ibuprofen at the end of the day! Plus a few breaks here and there lol

5. You’re usually the oldest in your group

While you might be the oldest you can stills show them a few tricks or two!

6. You seek different experiences

Instead of partying I wake up and go fun diving or take a new course!

7. You are more aware of when you’re being taken advantage of

You know how to blend in and get those local discounts!!

Hope you enjoyed! What have you found as you have traveled after 30?!

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