Motorbiking Vietnam: 6 things I learned

“Take the long way around not the easiest. It’s about experiencing the journey not the destination. “

-unknown biker

Motorbiking Vietnam was argueably one of the best experiences in my life. You see the most amazing sights and meet some awesome people along the way. After a month of motorbiking through the country and over 1200 km this is what I’ve learned.

1. You will have a breakdown

While your riding you will have breakdowns. The Honda Wins that backpackers ride are rode hard and most put the least amount of money possible into them. 

One of three breakdown in one day

2. You will join up with people on a similar route
While on the road you meet some amazing people that are headed the same direction as you. Make the most of it and ride together because it leads to some amazing experiences.

The Dark Cave in Phong Nha National Park

3. A month is not enough time

Between breakdown and all the cities you want to see along the way a month goes by very quick. I felt rushed at the end and wished I had more time to spend at each stop. Especially in the beaches where I loved to spend my days snorkeling!

Snorkeling in Nha Trang

4. Keep your plans loose 

While you are on the road you will undoubtably change some plans. I got bored of riding the AH1 and decided to head into the mountains. Riding the Ho Chi Minh trail was very beautiful. We crossed many bridges and dams that led to some fun wheelie practice!

5. Bring waterproof bags
You will be rained on. Only difference is your things be soaked too. I used a dry bag to keep my passport, wallet, phone and other important things in whilst I was riding because the rain would come out of nowhere. 

Outside Mui Ne in the dunes

 6. Motorbike is the best way to explore

When you have a motorbike you can explore places that you otherwise wouldn’t have seen. For instance, in Ninh Binh we were able to explore way more of the area that a tour would have skipped over.

Riding motorbikes across Vietnam is something you should do if you can! It’s a blast, scary and a headache all at the same time and I would do it all over again!!

Please like and share!! What was your favorite experience riding across Vietnam?!

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