Prague Travel Guide

Situated along side the Vltava river lies Prague the largest city in Czech Republic. It is the the current capital of the country as well as the historical capitol of Bohemia and where Mozart conducted Symphony in D major that came to be known as the “Prague symphony”. This former Soviet bloc country is cheap compared to its western counter parts. The six types of architecture can be seen around the city on every corner and you can feel the different periods of history as you walk around. It is a must see on any western Europe itinerary.


A typical hostel dorm bed costs between 7-15 USD and goes up while private rooms in a hostel start around 30 USD and go up from there depending on how close you are to old town square. Hotels are plentiful around the city and can be found at all ranges in price. A typical one will start around 20 USD. Prices will vary slightly depending on what season you visit.


Most of the city is in walking distances and with a city map it is easy to find your way around. Most people will generally stay in old town or stroll up to the castle grounds. If you do find yourself needing to take a tram expect to pay around 1- 2 USD per trip. If you are using a taxi expect to pay 40 CZK(1.74USD) to jump in plus around 28 CZK (1.08 USD) per kilometer.

Food & Drink

Czech cuisine  is wonderful and cheap. To eat at cafes and snack bars expect to pay around 100 CZK(3.84 USD) for the menu, lunch around 150 CZK(5.80 USD), dinner menus around 250 CZK(9.67 USD) and upscale restaurants expect to pay 1000 CZK (38.68 USD) or more. Beer is plentyful and cheap averaging around 30 CZK (1.16 USD) a beer.

How to save money

Instead of drinking wine and liquor stick to beer as they around a 1 USD. Stay in a hostel that provide internet and includes breakfast. Take the free walking tour around the city to get the lay of the city and then go to the select places you want to see not what the tour operators want you to see. Finally, go in the off season such as fall and winter time because prices around Europe significantly drop in some instances and lines are typically much shorter.

Top things to see in the city and do 


Prague Castle- This castle complex dates back to the 9th century and to this day is still the primary residence of the Czech President. The royal grounds boast amazing views, free roaming peacocks in its gardens and plenty of guided tours that tell you its history. A good way to get there is to ride the tram up the hill and walk back down.

Charles Bridge- This gorgeous bridge started construction in 1357 and opened in 1402. It spans across the Vltava river and connects Old Town Prague to the Prague Castle. Its Gothic architecture is on full display along the span of the bridge with stunning Baroque statues. Since the closing of traffic you will find plenty of bohemian artists and street performers lining the bridge. Hit the bridge up during the golden hours to take beautiful pictures of the Prague castle.

Pub Crawl- The pub crawls in Prague are fun and a great way to meet people at night. They have several types but a favorite is the boat cruise because you party the night away with stunning nighttime views of Prague. You can find plenty of promoter’s in the old town square.

The Prague Astronomical Clock- Located in the old town square is a gorgeous medieval astronomical clock that dates back to the early 15th century. It announces every hour with 12 apostles passing the admiring crowds. It houses two other dials that include the astronomical dial that depicts the medieval understanding of the universe and it also has a calendar dial that  shows the day at the top with zodiac symbols depicting the month. This is one of the most visited attractions in the city.

Old Town Square- It is the oldest and most important square in Prague. It is home to the astronomical clock, St. Nicholas church as well as many houses and mansions. It boasts a colorful history and many iconic photo ops.

Lennon Wall- The wall has been covered in Lennon inspired graffiti since the 80’s and is a big attraction. It is always changing as new graffiti is added everyday. It is very colorful and one can find many inspiring quotes that make wonderful travel photographs. Make sure you bring a good camera!

Strahov Monastery Brewery- It dates back the the turn of the 14th century and was reopened in 2000 after an extensive renovation. It located in castle grounds close to the Grande Panorama View and boasts a full restaurant to relax while enjoying some fine bohemian beer.

The Klementinum Library- Dubbed the worlds most beautiful library it was first opened in 1722 , houses some amazing fresco’s and holds several large rare globes. Climb to the top of the astronomical tower for amazing views of historical Prague.

Jewish Quarter- It dates back the the 13th century and houses many significant historical buildings that survived the Nazi occupation. It houses the largest Jewish synagogue in Central Europe and its Gothic architecture is worth a visit.

Free walking tour- The free walking tour of the city is an insightful historical tour of the city. This is a great way to learn your way around the city and see what you want to go back and explore.

If you are needing any gear for your trip to Prague be sure to check out my gear guide for all you needs!

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I hope this guide helps and please comment below with any more detailed questions!

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