5 things to do in Dublin

If you have a couple of days to spare in Dublin here are a few things that you can do to get a taste of the Country. The cost in the City is a little inflated in some areas due to tourist influx but generally it is a pretty typically priced city for Europe. Enjoy all the city has to offer and try not to drink your time away!

Day trip to Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle

Seeing blarney castle is a must on any trip to Ireland. Be sure to check the weather when you go ( the day I went they said sunny all day. It was not. I was snowing and raining ALL DAY!). Make sure you kiss the blarney stone and walk the grounds. Also, check out the poison garden behind the castle and for some reason marijuana was the only plant in a cage lol!


Guinness Factory


A walk to the factory from Temple bar area takes about 20 minutes and is pretty straight forward. Take the tour and discover the making of the ruby goodness that is Guinness. Take a hour or two and end at the Gravity bar atop of the factory. It boasts the best views of the city. After a few Guinness’ I opted to walk the grounds of the old factory and explore.


Temple Bar

The Quays Bar, Temple bar area

Temple bar is the cultural hub of Dublin. The nightlife here is bustling and never short of bars to listen to Irish music. Keep in mind that as the night goes on the price of a pint goes up! I asked some locals why they do that and the best answer I received was “to keep the drunks from drinking so much.” I guess the logic is that if the price keeps going up then it will dissuade people from binge drinking. I never paid more than 6.50 euro for a pint of Guinness. I found that starting at the quays bar was good, then I went over to Temple bar for a few pints and finished out the night at Oliver St. John Gogarty for some awesome traditional music.


National Museum of Archaeology

Photo courtesy of: Travel freaks cc

Admission to the museum is based on donation so drop a couple of Euro in the bucket. It boasts some amazing artifacts that displays the cultural history of the Irish. The mosaic floor rivals the artifacts that sit atop it and don’t forget to look up to enjoy the architecture of the building itself!

Trinity College

Trinity College “Death Star”

Stop by the Trinity College for a afternoon tour. It’s a short walk from Temple Bar and worth seeing. Its free to walk the grounds but if you want see the book of kells and the library it run you about 12 euro. The library is quite stunning and if you want to get a good picture of the hall make sure you get there early in the morning.

This is just a few suggestions of the highlights. I would recommend to just get lost in the city. I have experienced some of the most amazing things in places all over the world by simply getting lost. I hope these suggestions help! Post any questions or comments!

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